Spring Baby

Baby Bunny by peashells
Baby Bunny, a photo by peashells on Flickr.

Taken with a vintage Optik Goriltz Trioplan 100/2.8 on a digital canon body.

School is out next week and I can't wait to get back to blogging!


Lux De Ville

For a long time I searched for a vintage purse to carry.  I found they were either too fragile for everyday wear and tear or they were just too tiny! I guess women didn't carry as much 'back in the day'.  I did find a purse designer from the 60's, I believe, named Enid Collins who made really cute purses. They are pretty popular among vintage lovers, but they do seem to be 'for special occasion' kind of purses.  Many incorporate natural elements like wicker or wood.  They have a sequin/jewel motiff on the front and are signed.  In good shape, they can fetch a pretty price.

Then around Christmas, I was looking at some of my favorite online retro/funky shops like fredflare.com or plasticland.com and discovered Lux De Ville.  Instant love!!!   I snagged a gorgeous red handbag from the "Sin City" line on Ebay and I've gotten so many compliments on it!! I love it!!

The current "Sin City" line has a two-tone look.  I love this blue sparkly/black "Sin City" handbag.

Here are a few others...

The Getaway 
Gorgeous little chevron accent and 'kiss lock' clasp.  I love the clasps they close with such a satisfying little pop.

The Atomic
Isn't it gorgeous? Deciding a favorite is almost impossible!

I've been out of town this weekend, so I'm a little late in sharing, but Lux De Ville is giving away purses all weekend on the ~~~Lux De Ville Facebook Fan Page~~~~.  Today's the last day.   The more that play the more they give away!  You just have to be a fan on facebook and put a photo of the bag you want to win as your avatar/profile pic.   Easy peasy!    Even if you miss this weekend's give away, friend them so you'll be ready for the next one!!

Good luck to everyone!


Visit 1961 Vancouver Canada!

Visit 1961 Vancouver Canada- a perfect place for Sugar Daddies and their Honeys to get away!

Yes, I'd totally love to go there!
ok...without the Sugar Daddy part, because at my age it'd be a Sugar Great-Grandaddy and we'd be hitting the Senior Centers and pushing walkers through the park and I'm not even gonna think of wearing swimming suits beach side.  Must go wash my eyes.


One more Christmas Post

I went to Nashville last week. It was a fun trip with my bestie. We ate at the Loveless Cafe - first trip y'all. I saw it featured on Food Network's "Diners, Drive-ins, and Dives" and then I saw the 'biscuit lady' on Paula Dean, so it was just fate. I had to make the time to go there and boy was I glad I did! the food was amazing and the drive was gorgeous!

But that isn't why I'm writing. I went to an amazing place called Bright's Antique World in Franklin Ky (I-65). I mean how often are you compelled to take photos in the bathroom?

How gorgeous is that pink hair dryer? It wasn't for sale, which is ok, because I probably couldn't afford it.

The booths throughout the b still had a lot of Christmas stuff out. It was all so tempting, but I'm post Christmas broke, so I just looked...and drooled. Here's the eye candy. I apologize for the quality but I only has my cell with me.

The place is massive and a great stop if anyone is ever driving north of Nashville along I-65 toward Bowling Green, KY.    I definitely recommend it! 


New Year's Eve

How adorable is this?! Can you stand it?  It has 3million hits in the past two days! I think it is officially viral!

What are you doing New Year's Eve?  I'll be spending it with my little darlings, reminiscing about that New Year's Eve nine years ago when I was in the hospital holding my newborn precious bundle.  New Years Eve would never be the same and means so much more to me than it did before.

Happy New Year to everyone.  I hope this year is full of blessings, good fortune, and health for all!

Drinking to the New Year, N.Y. (LOC)

This was taken in New York between 1910 and 1915.  It is neat to think maybe it was 1912...possibly 100 years ago today.